DMX-512 interfaces  
   ROBOSHOP digital™ is a computer program and
DMX-512 interface for lighting control system operation

   The software requires no powerful computer and is intended for lighting control system
operation at theatres, concert halls, clubs, bars, as well as for architectural lighting.

  The software is handy due to such functions
- functional screen for each device (physical state control, designing option)

- linear and polar control of devices

- correction of coordinates for each device upon changes in installation (zooming, inversion, shift)

- simultaneous running and editing of 12 programs

- built-in preset effects for sinuosity or random movement

- internal and external macro-control of brightness, speed of devices, programs loading and running

- keyboard shortcuts setting for fast call of any program, light emphasis and presets library

- synchronization of scenes with the calendar for architectural lighting

- synchronization of scenes with the music playback for light and music show

- 18 user libraries.

System requirements
Minimum configuration
- CPU `Intel Pentium 120 mHz`,
- videocard 256 Kb
- RAM 16 Mb
- OS 'MS-DOS' or `Windows 95/98/ME/XP`
- HDD free space 2 Mb